The Adaptable, Portable, Fun-Filled Point Pong Game

Floating Top
Portable Beer Pong Table
  • Tailgating event - concerts, etc.
  • Backyard Parties
  • College parties, challenge your friends
  • Play Beer Pong on the beach
  • Play Beer Pong in the pool
How To Play Point Pong
Play Beer Pong for Beer.
Play Beer Pong for Points.
Play Beer Pong for fun.

This Beer Pong table can be used in
multiple ways. Click below to find your
favorite Beer Pong table set up.
Our Beer Pong Table Floats
On those hot summer days, who
wants to get out of the pool? Point
Pong brings the fun into the water.
Point Pong turns into a floating
Beer Pong table!