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Point Pong Beer Pong Table Donates for a Good Cause

Point Pong will be donating a Point Pong set for a benefit for a solider who is in recovery after an injury sustained in Iraq. Read his story: Second annual golf outing will benefit injured soldier Howell resident organizing April 30 event to take place at country club in Manalapan BY JAMES McEVOY
Howell resident Judi Giordano hopes to continue helping U.S. Army Spc. Brendan Marrocco on his road to recovery after the soldier suffered multiple life-altering injuries in Iraq almost two years ago. Marrocco, 25, of Staten Island, N.Y., was driving an armored truck when it was struck by an explosive fired projectile on April 12, 2009. As a result of the attack, Marrocco lost his arms and legs . He also sustained a severed left carotid artery, a broken nose, a broken eye socket, broken facial bones, the loss of eight teeth, shrapnel to his left eye and face, severe lacerations to his face, burns to his neck and face, and a pierced eardrum. The road to recovery has not been easy, but according to Brendan’s father, Alex Marrocco, progress is possible through the charitable efforts of others. Among these efforts is the second annual Brendan Marrocco Road to Recovery Trust Golf Classic, organized by Giordano. This year’s event will be held at the Battleground Country Club, Manalapan, on April 30. Members of the public are invited to participate. The golf outing will benefit the trust fund Marrocco established for his son. “I started the fund two years ago with the hope that whatever Brendan needed that wasn’t covered by the insurance we had, we [would be able] to get it for him to make sure he has a halfway decent chance at a certain level of quality in his life,” he said. “My biggest fear is that he is going to be institutionalized, and I would hate that to no end.” Brendan is continuing his physical therapy and is on a waiting list for a double arm transplant, Marrocco told Greater Media Newspapers this week. The support of the golf classic, other charitable contributions and the support of Building Homes for Heroes and the Stephen Siller Children’s Foundation have been invaluable. “I can never ever thank people enough for that,” Alex Marrocco said. “At times I feel very inadequate in acknowledging that, but this is one of those opportunities where from the bottom of my heart I want to thank people who support us.” Brendan was discharged in July after spending 27 months receiving treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Marrocco said. He moved into a new home in Staten Island that was designed and built to increase his level of independence. “He is able to do a lot for himself,” Marrocco said. “It really did a lot for his self-esteem and his psyche.” Giordano, who works with Marrocco, said Brendan continues to inspire her. “He sacrificed himself for all of us and he tells you that he would do it again,” she said. Apart from helping to take care of Brendan’s medical costs, Giordano wants to make certain this young American hero will not be forgotten. “I don’t want him to be forgotten about,” she said. “He has to live with this for the rest of his life. Whatever we raise can never pay for everything he is going to need.” Sponsors for the April 30 golf outing in Manalapan are being sought. In addition to golf and dinner, spa treatments are being offered for spouses who will not be golfing. Donations of items that can be auctioned off during the dinner would be appreciated, Giordano said. Marrocco said his hope is to get enough assistance with his son’s trust fund to then be able to turn his attention to assisting other wounded servicemen. “That’s the true way of saying thank you,” he said. For more information about the golf classic, contact Judi Giordano at 732-740- 0734 or To see the invitation for the Golf outing please Click here. To sign up for the Golf outing please Click here.

Point Pong Beer Pong Table: Turning Heads and Making Fans

  There's nothing quite as satisfying as being told you're a genius. Kevin Brown, the president of Point Pong, doesn't mean to brag, but he hears that all the time. "We've been to a lot of shows this year to increase awareness of Point Pong," he says. "People love it. It has a real wow factor." Point Pong is a portable version of beer pong. The idea came to Brown during one spring break when his kids were home from college. He put a clever spin on it by creating a version that floats. "Point Pong can be played on land, in a pool, in a dorm room, at a backyard party, graduation party or at a tailgate," says Brown. "And it is fun for all ages. You don't have to play with beer to enjoy it." As a newcomer to the tailgate industry, Brown is figuring out where Point Pong fits best at retail. Currently, he does most of his sales through the company website. Brown is also looking into licensing options. "We were at most of the big bowl games this past season, and we'll be at various NASCAR events," he says. Brown's message to retailers is simple. "Point Pong is a multi-purpose game that can be played by anyone," he says. "Our customers generally range in age from 25 to 55. Everyone who sees Point Pong wants to play." See the article here.