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How Point Pong Beer Pong Started

When my children came home from college for spring break, I never realized they would introduce me to a whole new fun party game! The kids invited their friends over for a get-together and dragged out a piece of plywood, red plastic cups and ping pong balls. What could they be doing I wondered? Thus began my introduction to the party game of all party games: Beer Pong. As it turned out, I ruled the Beer Pong table for the evening! As the spring turned into summer and the pool was opened I wondered how we could come up with a version of Beer Pong that could be played in the pool, so we could stay cool, drink beer, and still have a fun game of Beer Pong. As the holiday weekends went by, we played Beer Pong over and over. We even played it as a family game without the alcohol.

The Beer Pong Table

I was determined to find an innovative way to play Beer Pong. I decided to step out of the box and try and design a Beer Pong table. I wanted to create something that is portable, easily stored and convenient to use. After many prototypes, trial and errors, and much playing of the Beer Pong game, I came up with my innovation: Point Pong. It’s a game, which can be played on land, in a pool, in a dorm room, at a backyard party, graduation party or at a tailgate, and it is fun for all ages.
  • College Students: Point Pong is a college student’s dream. It can be easily stored under the bed, in a closet or behind a desk. Since Point Pong is transportable, it is easy to carry to parties, tailgates, family get-togethers… or wherever you want to have fun!
  • Adults: Do you miss your college days of Beer Pong? Continue the fun with Point Pong! It is great for college reunion parties, your beach house, backyard and house parties!
  • Families & Kids: Point Pong is a fun game to enjoy with your family! Get competitive by using our cool point system. Learn more
I envisioned a game, which could not only be considered a drinking game, but also a fun family game. And now my vision has become a reality for all to enjoy… POINT PONG: A game, which is fun for the entire family!

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