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        Now I can't totally speak for other people my age or younger.  However, I personally feel like most every one whose ever gone to a party, tailgated, or even attended a college university, you've heard of beer pong.  You've probably played (no I'm not judging) or you've watched a game take place.  Being a big drinker myself and coming from big party school, I can easily admit I've played my fair share of beer pong...OK maybe even more than I'd like to admit.
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        As an adult and a parent now, this has become a foreign activity and one that almost seems as a hush hush topic around children.  This just plain stinks because the game itself is actually quite fun.  So what if you could take the beer out of beer pong and play the same game you've enjoyed in the past without encouraging drinking alcohol in any way?  I know that get me excited and I knew my kids would be thrilled to play a game like this if Mommy would actually let them.
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        Point Pong has done exactly this.  Creator of Point Pong "envisioned a game, which could not only be considered a drinking game, but also a fun family game."  It is your old version of beer pong with the flexibility of four tables and all accessories you could possibly need and now it's Point Pong (making it family friendly).  This is by far one of the coolest game sets I've ever seen!
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        Your Point Pong set comes with a carry bag, 2 sturdy nylon bases, 2 strong plastic legs, 2 multi-functional tops, 8 side cup holders, 20 colored rings, 22 – 16 oz. cups, and 6 balls.  Can you just say wow?!  No more running to the store for cups or searching everywhere in your house for ping pong balls.  Not only does it all come with the set but it can be kept in one place when not in use, in the carry bag!
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        Not only are the tops waterproof, they also float.  This way you can play inside, outside, while tailgating, or while chillin in the pool.  I love the cup holders and the designated spots for holding the cups securely so I no longer have to worry about spills.  The kids can play this whenever they want without fear that it will encourage them to drink booze of any kind; We can play as a family which we of course did the minute it arrived; And for those adult only parties, I can still play my old version using beer.
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        The best part is now whether I am playing the adult version or the family friendly one, I am playing on a pretty bad a$$ set.  We've used this now for several different occasions and in only the short month I've had it.  We took it camping a few weekends ago, at memorial day at my parents in the pool, tailgating at a sporting event this past week, inside our home whenever the kids feel like competing, and in our backyard anytime the weather cooperates.
Cost/Available to purchase:  $125 Point Pong Beer Pong Table Package 
Recommendation:  The Point Pong set is very well made and sturdy enough it sure seems like it is going stand quite a bit of use over time and even with my rough family.  Built to travel wherever the fun takes you, the pieces can easily be thrown in the carrying bag and tossed in the back of your car.  This is definitely well worth the purchase if you are the type who will use something like this even if it's only for the rare occasion your family or friends get together.  Cost wise, you really cannot go wrong with all the quality accessories that come with it too!
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Giveaway:  Point Pong is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Point Pong Set to have of their own!
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First All-In-One Beer Pong Set For Use In Pool And Out

Portable & floatable Beer Pong Table - great for college, sporting events, & more!

KB Innovations, Inc. of Middletown, NJ has just released Point Pong, the first lightweight, portable beer pong set that can be played on land or in the pool. Point Pong is half the weight of other portable beer pong tables and comes with everything required to play, including a carry bag. It eliminates the need for heavy tables or doors by using stand-alone platforms that hold the cups up to three different lengths apart. The set is durable enough to be left outside, but also easily stored and transported. Point Pong can be played like traditional beer pong or modified so the whole family can participate. As the only portable beer pong set that can be used in the pool and on land, Point Pong is a significant improvement over similar sets. Manufactured without any metal parts, the set utilizes plastic and nylon components that work well in or out of water. The platforms and tables can be disassembled and reassembled quickly for use in either setting. And regulation distance between tables can be maintained in the pool. Point Pong keeps cups in place securely with recessed holders that keep liquid from being spilled. And the unique, patent pending table is multifunctional. Brightly colored rings offer variations on point play and side cup holders expand the possibilities. Point Pong comes with everything but beer, including balls, cups, lightweight tables and a carry bag with handles and detachable shoulder strap. Also included is a cord to regulate lengths between tables of seven, eight or nine feet. Winner of the Best Tailgating Game at the 2012 National Hardware Show, Point Pong has a diverse audience and several applications. Beer pong enthusiasts can play according to regulations. But for those who just want the fun, the game is easily adapted to many variations. Point Pong may also provide licensing options for sporting brands like NASCAR and MLB. “When my kids came home from college, they introduced me to beer pong by using an old door on workhorses. It was so much fun, we often played without the beer so kids could play, too. But there was a problem,” said Kevin Brown of KB Innovations, Inc. “I wanted to take it with me for tailgating at sporting events. And I wanted to play it in the pool. So I created Point Pong.” Point Pong carries a MSRP of $149.95 and is available at,,, and other retailers throughout the USA. Contact Kevin Brown by email at, or call 732-671-7919 for more information. View original article here


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The Beer Pong Definition, According to Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary that people turn to find out about slang terms. Point Pong was curious to see the what Urban Dictionary users had to say about Beer Pong. The number one answer was: If you had to define Beer Pong, what would you say? See what others had to say on Urban Dictionary. Get Point Pong on sale for $20 off! Click here.

Get your pool ready for some BEER PONG!

It's that time of the year again! And what better way to celebrate the summer than playing Beer Pong in your pool? Point Pong is a portable, floatable Beer Pong table. This table not only can be played on land, but also in a pool or lake. It also has the ability to adjust to 8 feet or 9 feet. Bring the party wherever you go with Point Pong! This Beer Pong table comes in a carry bag, with cups & balls! You're ready to go, all you need is the beer (or water)!
Floating Beer Pong Table

Get Your Pool Beer Pong Ready

Beer Pong Tips

Are you new to playing Beer Pong? Or are you curious to see how to better your aim? Let us help you with these Beer Pong Tips! THE ARC SHOT This shot is the most used shot in Beer Pong. Similar to Basketball, your aim is to be directed upward to create an "arc."

THE FAST BALL Also known as the "Laser Shot" is a fast ball that is throw with perfect accuracy. This shot is made by using your elbow. Take the ball back behind your ear with your elbow bent. Move the ball forward and release at a 90 degree angle. This shot can take some time to perfect, but when it is used right, it will be sick.

USING THE WATER CUP As common courtesy, it is polite to use the water cup to wash any debris off of your balls. Sometimes, players like to use the water to add some weight to their balls giving them a better shot. HOUSE RULES Usually, when someone is hosting a Beer Pong event, they may have their own rules. You must always abide by them. Some rules that may be involved: AROUND THE BACK Some players allow this rule, others do not. This rule enforces that when and if your ball rolls back to you, that you can re-shoot - but backwards and around the back. The best technique for this shot is to take your arm and position it so that your arm is wrapping around your back. Next take a step to either your left or right (the side you decide to throw from) and release the ball with with a backwards arc shot. CALLING YOUR SHOT This is when you call which cup you are going to make. Depending on the house rules, you could get to shoot again. If you call it and miss, your team loses a cup. KNOCKING CUPS OVER If you knock cups over and they are full, then it counts. Now go play some Beer Pong! Get Point Pong on sale for 14% off now