New Portable Beer Pong Table Launches

Press Contact: Kathy Collins Excelerated Performance 732-841-9660 ext. 801 Kathy@EPconnects.com New Portable Beer Pong Table Launches South Brunswick, New Jersey (October 7, 2011) - Point Pong is a handy, convenient, lightweight and portable beer pong table set. This game can be seen at tailgating events, college parties, family reunions, and other gatherings. What makes this beer pong table stand out from the rest is the fact that it will create no spilled beer mess, it folds up, and is portable. The product comes in a storage bag and is equipped with everything you need to play – the table, the balls, and the cups. Each cup is recessed into its own holder which keeps the cups in place so that they will not spill. Point Pong eliminates the need to drag out a heavy table, take a door off its hinges, or find something else to play on. Additionally, Point Pong can be played in a pool. The triangular tops float on water allowing players to bring the fun into the pool on hot sunny days. Point Pong offers the same fun, competitive game as Beer Pong but it has many advantages over a traditional Beer Pong Table. The game comes with instructions on how to play for points which allows players of all ages to play for fun, and not for drinking. About Point Pong Point Pong is the adaptable, portable, fun-filled beer pong game. You can play for beer, play for points, or play for fun. For more information on how to purchase Point Pong, visit the website at www.PointPong.com. You can also “Like” Point Pong on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.