Point Pong Beer Pong Table: Turning Heads and Making Fans

  There's nothing quite as satisfying as being told you're a genius. Kevin Brown, the president of Point Pong, doesn't mean to brag, but he hears that all the time. "We've been to a lot of shows this year to increase awareness of Point Pong," he says. "People love it. It has a real wow factor." Point Pong is a portable version of beer pong. The idea came to Brown during one spring break when his kids were home from college. He put a clever spin on it by creating a version that floats. "Point Pong can be played on land, in a pool, in a dorm room, at a backyard party, graduation party or at a tailgate," says Brown. "And it is fun for all ages. You don't have to play with beer to enjoy it." As a newcomer to the tailgate industry, Brown is figuring out where Point Pong fits best at retail. Currently, he does most of his sales through the company website. Brown is also looking into licensing options. "We were at most of the big bowl games this past season, and we'll be at various NASCAR events," he says. Brown's message to retailers is simple. "Point Pong is a multi-purpose game that can be played by anyone," he says. "Our customers generally range in age from 25 to 55. Everyone who sees Point Pong wants to play." See the article here.