Point Pong to join Adam Goldstein on his Tailgate Book Tour

Point Pong will be joining Adam Goldstein on his Book Tour this NFL season! We'll be touring at a football stadium near you! Be sure to check out Adam's book "Tailgate to Heaven."

He sold his flat and left his job and his girlfriend in London for American football. His goal was to achieve what no other American football fan has accomplished: attend one live National Football League (NFL) game, including those in London and Canada, at every NFL stadium during the regular season.

Adam traveled over 65,000 miles to watch 40 American football games in 18 weeks to experience and understand the phenomenal appeal of that classic American pastime, the tailgate party.

Come join Adam and Point Pong for the tailgating experience of your life! Play some Beer Pong and learn about other cool tailgating products. Stay tuned for more information. Check out Adam's website here: //www.tailgatetoheaven.com/