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Beer Pong Game Played on Jersey Shore

Point Pong Beer Pong was on Jersey Shore!

Check out the cast of the Jersey Shore playing a game of Point Pong Beer Pong on the show. Sam and Ronnie go against Deena and her boyfriend Chris.

On the left: Ronnie & Sam On the right: Denna & Chris

Point Pong is perfect for small spaces - like the living room of the Jersey Shore. The Beer Pong Table is portable and can be assembled when you are ready to play. When game time is over the Beer Pong Table can be stored away in it's carry bag.

Point Pong is great for apartments, hotels, tailgates, parties, dorm rooms, & more! Where will you bring Point Pong?  

Portable Beer Pong Table Featured in Grilling & Tailgating Magazine

Portable & Floatable Beer Pong Table

Find Point Pong in the Grilling & Tailgating Magazine. This portable beer pong table is adaptable, portable, and light. This beer pong table comes with balls, cups, and a carry bag. It is the only beer pong table that can adapt to 7', 8', or 9' playing space.
Beer Pong Table


Want to get more competitive? Point Pong comes with a fun point system making the game even more fun! Learn the rules here. Get your Beer Pong game started with Point Pong! Get it on sale now for 14%. It's perfect for Tailgating, Football Parties, College dorm rooms, & more!  

Point Pong is now available on CampingWorld.com!

Point Pong Beer Pong table can now be purchased on CampingWorld.com
Point Pong is a new adaptable, portable, fun filled beer pong or family game. The unique design allows play as traditional beer pong or family point game using colored rings. It even floats in the pool. This is the only game that comes complete with 2 tables, cups, balls and carry bag. Buy Yours Today!

Point Pong Beer Pong Table at World Pong Tour Championship

Point Pong played Beer Pong at the World Pong Tour Championship

The Golden Nugget hosted the World Pong Tour Championship this year. Point Pong was there to play some Beer Pong in the pool. Attendees played Beer Pong and competed for the grand prize of $20,000.

Point Pong featured in the news!

Family Friendly Beer Pong Game Developed by Middletown Man

By Anastasia Millicker MIDDLETOWN – Township resident Kevin Brown is trying to change the image of the game beer pong with his portable, family-friendly Point Pong game. When his daughter and son-in-law bought Brown an inflatable beer pong table for the pool, it came with a repair kit. Brown knew then that the floating table would be a flop. So Brown, owner of KB Innovations Inc., decided to design his own pool Point Pong table.
Kevin Brown of Middletown tailgating with his invention Point Pong.
Using a PVC pipe as a stand and a triangular cutout, Brown, 59, went to work building five or six prototypes before finalizing his design. The complete kit comes in an 11-pound bag with the parts to construct two triangular tables with holders for 10 cups on the main board and four additional cups holders off the board. The bag also includes an 8-foot string that connects the two boards. The product was designed for indoor, outdoor and pool usage. Brown said the design for Point Pong was not difficult but getting it manufactured was as difficult as getting the last shot in a pong game. Brown said he went to local hardware stores and manufacturing companies looking for materials and companies to reproduce his design. When his efforts proved futile, he decided to go overseas. “I went to China,” Brown said. “I had a connection over there and in the first to second week, we looked at local manufacturers and factories and in the third week, we leveled it down to the last two factories. I picked the one I did because of the factory’s timeliness and quality.” Point Pong, which retails for about $149, is now found not only in local stores, including Add-On Pools on Route 35, but also nationally on sears.com, the Point Pong website at pointpong.com, and MembersDepot.com, Brown said. Point Pong has been around since November and has sold 275 units from its website. Brown is unsure how many units retailers have sold. Brown’s target audience is not just college students but also families that can play using a point system. Two to four players, using any type of beverage, create two teams. One player stands behind their table and aims a ping-pong ball at the other team’s red cups. To determine who goes first, players have a shoot-out, tossing the ping-pong balls toward the cups until one player makes it in. That team goes first. Players take turns until they land a ball into a cup. When a ball lands in a cup, the cup is then removed and placed in a side cup-holder. Based on the color of the ring around the cup, the player looks to score 15 points to win the game. Players can also play the traditional way, without the point system, removing cups as balls land in them. The team that lands a ball in all their opponents’ cups wins. Brown said Point Pong’s unique design sets it apart from similar products. “It’s portable and the table can be left outside all the time – unlike other tables,” Brown said. “Plus it floats.” In addition to being sold around the country, Brown said his tables have also been used for different charity events. Recently, the Point Pong table was used at Taste in Red Bank to benefit the Wounded Warriors XXX and will be used in Virginia in a charity event for a facility for the physically challenged. “It’s been a successful business year and I hope for it to continue,” Brown said. As for future product plans, Brown said his product’s design is finalized and he does not intend to make further changes, except maybe adding options to make it more visible at night. Read the article here.

Point Pong to appear on Home Talk USA with the “Cajun Contractor”

Kevin Brown, the creator of Point Pong will be interviewed by Michael King the "Cajun Contractor." Brown will be discussing the wonderful world of Beer Pong and how Point Pong became what it is today. Catch the interview live here: //www.lifestyletalkradio.com/ - just click @ the top left where it says " Listen Live". Tune in September 26, 2012!

Point Pong to join Adam Goldstein on his Tailgate Book Tour

Point Pong will be joining Adam Goldstein on his Book Tour this NFL season! We'll be touring at a football stadium near you! Be sure to check out Adam's book "Tailgate to Heaven."

He sold his flat and left his job and his girlfriend in London for American football. His goal was to achieve what no other American football fan has accomplished: attend one live National Football League (NFL) game, including those in London and Canada, at every NFL stadium during the regular season.

Adam traveled over 65,000 miles to watch 40 American football games in 18 weeks to experience and understand the phenomenal appeal of that classic American pastime, the tailgate party.

Come join Adam and Point Pong for the tailgating experience of your life! Play some Beer Pong and learn about other cool tailgating products. Stay tuned for more information. Check out Adam's website here: //www.tailgatetoheaven.com/

Get your pool ready for some BEER PONG!

It's that time of the year again! And what better way to celebrate the summer than playing Beer Pong in your pool? Point Pong is a portable, floatable Beer Pong table. This table not only can be played on land, but also in a pool or lake. It also has the ability to adjust to 8 feet or 9 feet. Bring the party wherever you go with Point Pong! This Beer Pong table comes in a carry bag, with cups & balls! You're ready to go, all you need is the beer (or water)!
Floating Beer Pong Table

Get Your Pool Beer Pong Ready