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Point Pong’s Beer Pong Table was Featured in Food & Beverage Magazine!

First All-In-One Beer Pong Set For Use In Pool And Out

KB Innovations, Inc. of Middletown, NJ has just released Point Pong, the first lightweight, portable beer pong set that can be played on land or in the pool. Point Pong is half the weight of other portable beer pong tables and comes with everything required to play, including a carry bag. It eliminates the need for heavy tables or doors by using stand-alone platforms that hold the cups up to three different lengths apart. The set is durable enough to be left outside, but also easily stored and transported. PointPong can be played like traditional beer pong or modified so the whole family can participate. As the only portable beer pong set that can be used in the pool and on land, Point Pong is a significant improvement over similar sets. Manufactured without any metal parts, the set utilizes plastic and nylon components that work well in or out of water. The platforms and tables can be disassembled and reassembled quickly for use in either setting. And regulation distance between tables can be maintained in the pool. Point Pong keeps cups in place securely with recessed holders that keep liquid from being spilled. And the unique, patent pending table is multifunctional. Brightly colored rings offer variations on point play and side cup holders expand the possibilities. Point Pong comes with everything but beer, including balls, cups, lightweight tables and a carry bag with handles and detachable shoulder strap. Also included is a cord to regulate lengths between tables of seven, eight or nine feet. Winner of the Best Tailgating Game at the 2012 National Hardware Show, Point Pong has a diverse audience and several applications. Beer pong enthusiasts can play according to regulations. But for those who just want the fun, the game is easily adapted to many variations. Point Pong may also provide licensing options for sporting brands like NASCAR and MLB. “When my kids came home from college, they introduced me to beer pong by using an old door on workhorses. It was so much fun, we often played without the beer so kids could play, too. But there was a problem,” said Kevin Brown of KB Innovations, Inc. “I wanted to take it with me for tailgating at sporting events. And I wanted to play it in the pool. So I created Point Pong.” Point Pong carries a MSRP of $149.95 and is available at PointPong.com, Amazon.com, Buy.comSmallBrandNation.com and other retailers throughout the USA. Contact Kevin Brown by email at kb@kbinnovations.net, or call 732-671-7919 for more information. View original article here on Food & Beverage Magazine.

Point Pong Beer Pong Table was reviewed on Tailgate365.com

I’m guessing many readers on this site have spent more than a few days of their lives playing beer pong in some dingy college basement or in the local bar. The game is part of our heritage as partying, beer drinking Americans. My memories take me back to a time when beer pong tournaments in college started at the crack of dawn and ran until…well…there was no one left standing I guess. Times have changed since then (No I’m not telling you when I graduated) and so have the products to make this game even better than we ever thought it could be. Back then we used whatever flat surface we could afford or better yet, take off of the hinges. Search the web these days and you find a myriad of beer pong tables but they all have their limitations. One of the biggest is that you have to lug them around with you and try to keep people from using them as food storage areas at tailgates. Oh yeah, most don’t float either. Enter Point Pong, the portable beer pong system. As you can see, Point Pong is a mobile system that eliminates the table from your pong games. To give you an idea of what you are dealing with, let’s start with what’s included and how it looks. Each stand is a triangle 20″ in diameter with a height of 30″. The entire loaded carry bag only weighs 11lbs so it gets high marks on the portability scale. Each stand breaks down into the base, support pole and the tops. You also get 8 side holders (we’ll get to that), 20 colored rings for different game variations, 22 plastic cups (Toby Keith would approve) and 6 balls. You really are ready to roll from the minute this arrives on your doorstep. You can also skip the distance guessing game because there is a clip on distance rope in the kit as well. I will admit, I was a little intimidated testing this for the first time because I am a huge fan of the bounce technique. You know: toss-bounce-sploosh. With Point Pong you need to bring your A game because it takes a fine touch to score on the fly. While I thought that would “mess up my game”, my concerns quickly melted away and I adapted to a new style in no time. Once you are in the heat of a match nothing else matters but ball meeting cup. Since I received this in Winter, my first test was indoors and with two small children running around, a huge table in the middle of the living room isn’t going to be good for anyone (except maybe the nighttime medical center). Not a problem with this unit, simply move the racks out of the way if an impromptu dance session breaks out. At some point they have to crash and I can get back to my game. Once the weather broke I was able to get this outside and it was just as fun. I’ve had numerous people try it and they all love the idea of being able to take the game wherever the party goes instead of being stuck around a table for hours at a time. In the span of an afternoon we went from my deck to the back yard to my neighbors house with ease. Another great feature will be available when the temperature rises-pool pong. By using the tops, the clipped line and cups, you can have your favorite games while soaking in the shallow end. In addition to custom games on land, the extra cup holders come into play here. Simply snap them on, invert cups and trap air inside while bringing them up from under the holder for added stability. The games can also be very kid friendly by holding competitions using only pool water (I don’t recommend drinking it though). If you can’t tell by now, I’m a big fan. This kit is perfect for tailgating, house parties, pool parties and just about anywhere else people are going to get together. So that’s it, get your butts over to their website and pick one up. Read the article here. Get your Point Pong Beer Pong Table today! Click here.