The game was a great draw to our tent at the 2 concert venues we used them at. We generally do not use them at other fairs and festivals.

One of my peers at Live Nation referred to the game at our tent as the ‘best engagement strategy of the season’.

Jeffrey Chrzanowski
Verizon Mid-Atlantic Marketing

Our Oktoberfest was a huge success and everyone had such a great time because of all the fun we had during our Point Pong Tournament. Everyone loved it. Thank you so much to our good friends at Point Pong...you guys ROCK!!!

Susan Sorensen
Fair Haven Octoberfest

Point Pong was a definite game changer to our recent charity event! The lightweight tables were easy to transport and set up for our beer pong tournament. The tables gave us a ton of room in our reserved picnic area AND made it easy for our participants to play the game. At the end of our event, we gave the tournament winners a set of the tables and they were ecstatic! Point Pong MADE our event and we're so thankful they've created this fabulous product!! Thank you Point Pong!!

Maggie Ruane
Breast Intentions

This beer pong table is great for my apartment. I have white rugs, so having these cup holders keeps the mess to a minimum and keeps my rugs clean. It also is easy to store away when we aren't using it. We used to use long boards of wood and storing it was impossible!

Meghan McGroary

We play beer pong just about every weekend on some make shift table. This looks like a great solution. Glad I saw it at the USC / Notre Dame Tailgate last weekend.

Kevin O'Rourke

I received my new tops in perfect condition yesterday. Thanks for sending those out! I will definitely spread the word about Point Pong as a fun, quality product as well as your great customer service. I have a feeling that with effective marketing, increased distribution channels, and continued customer service Point Pong will be a huge success. I look forward to watching your company grow in popularity!

Ashshena Stephens