Why Point Pong?

Compare Point Pong Have you ever played a game of Beer Pong and in the middle of the game the cups got blown off the table? Maybe liquid spilled all over the place? Well, that won’t happen with Point Pong. Each cup is recessed into its own holder keeping the cups secure and stable. Point Pong eliminates you from having to drag out a heavy table, take a door off its hinges, or find something else to play on. Point Pong offers the same fun, competitive game as Beer Pong and has many advantages over a traditional Beer Pong table. It is portable, lightweight, floatable, and has a variety of ways it can be played. Pong can be transformed into a floating Beer Pong table which is perfect for lounging in the pool on a hot summer day. Point Pong comes in a storage bag and everything you need to play. The colored rings can be used as a point game and can be interchanged for a variety of “looks”. The game can be adapted for young and old to enjoy. Point Pong is a party game, a college game, and a family game. RULES Players Needed: 2 to 4 Players must form two teams: 1 player teams or 2 player teams. The players must stand behind their table when throwing the ball. Leaning directly ON the table is not allowed, however, leaning OVER the table is permitted. To determine who goes first, both teams must have a “shoot out”. Both team shoots until someone makes it in. Whichever team makes it in first goes first. Team A (the team that goes first) gets 2 balls- 1 each for team play or 2 for single. Team A throws the ball into the far side cups. Points are awarded depending on which cup it lands in. If both team players make the balls in on their turn, they get to shoot again. Once Team A misses, Team B then shoots. Point Pong can be played in the following two ways: 1. When a ball lands in a cup, that cup is removed, placed in a side cup holder and points are won. Players win when 15 points are scored. 2. When a ball lands in a cup, the cup stays in play. Players win when 30 points are scored. POINTS Black Ring      5 points Yellow Ring     3 points Red Ring        2 points Blue Ring       1 point POOL PLAY Play Beer Pong in the pool! The same games can be played in a swimming pool. All that is necessary are the 2 tops, cups, and clip and line. The game should only be played in the shallow end under adult supervision. For even more stability while playing in the pool, put 4 cup holders in the front and back holes. Take an inverted cup, trapping the air, and insert it underneath into the cup holder. Fill the 10 game cups approximately 1/2 way with water. Click here to download the printable Point Pong Rules